We create and develop
brands and design products that
are memorable and desirable.

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Brand Strategy

Market Analysis, Market Insights
and Tendencies
Best Brand Positioning
Tone and Style Definition
Brand Positioning reports


Packaging Design
Packaging Line Design
Packaging adaptation (line extension)
POS (point of sale)    


Brand Creation

Logotype and Identity Elements
Identity Manual
Brand Book


Brochure Design
Magazine Design
Annual Report Design
Book Design
Newspaper Design
Folder Design



Brand Collaterals

Stationery Program
Brochure (Printed and Digital)
Magazines and Reports
Website layout
Direct Mail layout
Newsletter (Printed and Digital)
Social Media template layout
Power Point template layout
Point of Sale, Display
Exhibition stands & graphics


Exhibition Identity
Exhibition Space Design
Exhibition Promotional material

Demystifying the branding process:

It is natural for a client who needs a new branding or a re-branding of an existing brand, to have questions about the process. We find brand positioning and brand creation one of the most interesting areas in design and we are excited to share this knowledge with others, below is a summary of our process and if you would like to hear more about branding, please get in contact.

Our work covers three areas

1. Define a Brand.
2. Create a Brand.
3. Brand at use.

Define a Brand

The starting point is to know where a brand currently is positioned, and various aspects are explored: niches, identify strengths, taking a closer look at the target audience tastes and habits. We use the marketing-positioning tools in the process of finding the core features of a brand and define the best tone of voice for the new brand.

Create a Brand

A memorable name should reflect the brand positioning in a creative way. The naming process will dig deep into associations with the brand’s core elements. The associations can be found through meanings, feelings or sounds.

Identity  and  Design

At this stage we translate the core features into visuals.
The perfect shape, the right typeface, the colours and type of imagery that strengthen a certain type of brand personality and will send the right message to the public.  A strong Identity Program is created to reinforce brand values, and a Brand Book is created to unify all aspects of the brand in a single document. The Brand book – also called Brand Bible – should be used for guidance by the brand for all future communication pieces.

Brand at use

Brand Activation

When a brand has been defined in all its elements and directions, it is time to apply it to products and communication channels. Everything related to the brand will now be integrated into a streamlined package that will echo or reinforce the brand’s personality. The type of product or communication channel that will be produced will depend on the nature of the brand itself, in other words, what is relevant for a particular client based on the outcome of the positioning exercise. An architect company will benefit for example from a special brochure and website to showcase it’s projects, while an ice cream company will find it more relevant to invest in unique packaging and campaigns.